About the show

The Wasteland explores a future dystopian world where government and technology have taken over our lives. Synthetic humanoids live and work together with natural born humans in a society manipulated and controlled by the governing entity known as The State.

In a collection of independent short episodes, this anthology series explores a strange and haunting world warning us of our future while simultaneously reminding us of our past. 

Episode 1  “A Game of Chess”  

Episode 2  “Disposable Him”

Episode 3  “The Historian”

Episode 4  “First of her kind” 

Written and Created by David Beatty

Starring: Andreas Orrego, Alyson Daniel, Curtis Bechdolt, Amy Schumacher, Aaron Lyons, David Beatty, Maite Garcia, Jon Tagad, Michael Dubay, Allyson Seraboff, J. Cody Andersen and Maria Granberg.

Directed by: David Beatty, Chelsea Alden, Natasha Behnam.

Special Thanks: Noel Savoy, Mark McPherson, Studio 24/7, We Make Movies.

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